An Unexpected Marketing Lesson I Picked From the Movie Little Women

I’ve been thinking a lot about what content to write for my blog, that’s why even from the movie “Little Women” I picked up a marketing lesson that everyone should know about.

Nearing the end of the movie, this scene captured my attention and made me realize why it matters to write and share your content.


WARNING: Spoiler alert. If you will be watching Little Women and hates spoilers, I suggest you stop reading at this point.


Here’s the story.

Jo March is an aspiring writer and towards the end of the movie, she thought of writing a novel about their lives. She doesn’t think that it is a good idea because it is her and her sister’s story about domestic struggles and joys. Which according to her is not important.

Then these lines followed.

Jo March: Well, who will be interested in a story of domestic struggles and joys? It doesn’t have any real importance.

Amy March: Maybe it doesn’t seem important because people don’t write about them.

Jo March: No, writing doesn’t confer importance. It reflects it.

Amy March: I don’t think so. Writing them will make them more important.

In the end, Jo’s book became a success. Because people found its value and importance.


Maybe right now, you are thinking about sharing some of your work. Or you learned something that you think might be helpful to anyone.

Or just like me, I’ve been keeping my marketing knowledge I learned from years of being a web designer and marketer to myself. For multiple reasons such as people might not find value in it or I’m afraid of what people might say about it.


But the truth is, people won’t find the importance of your ideas if you are not gonna write about them and share them.


Keep sharing valuable information and let the people find the value in it.

Whether you are a teacher, doctor, therapist, counselor, engineer, marketer, etc. If you still hesitate to write and share your thoughts, just think that unless you put them out there, people won’t know and find its value.


Just like Amy March said, writing them will make them more important.

Stop thinking if you are gonna press that “post” button, just post it and let people see.

Who cares what they are gonna say, if you have good intentions anyway, people will see its importance.


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