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6 Website Copywriting Tips to Increase Conversions for Your Private Practice

Whether you are a therapist that is in the process of creating a new website or you already have one. Here’s something that will help your website increase the chances of closing more clients for your private practice.

The following are the top tips that you should look out for when writing your website copy.


1. Focus on a specific targeted audience when writing your copy. 

As the popular business mantra goes, “if you are selling to everyone, you are selling to no one.” This also applies to website copywriting. Knowing who you want to help would make this task 50% easier. Imagine, if you want to help moms, teens, dads, and parents all at the same time, how are you gonna come up with the best copy that would relate to all of them? That would be very difficult. If your practice aims to help mothers to cope up with their motherhood, make them the focus of your copy. It will make writing faster. As well as make your clients relate better because they know that you are the right fit for their needs.

2. Make headlines to catch your client’s attention.

When we read, we often focus on headlines first before we decide if we want to continue reading or scroll away from the screen. Make headlines that are interesting to your clients to keep them reading on your website.

3. Empathize with your clients, make sure you understand their problems, pains, and desires.

Being emphatic is every therapist’s gift. You have done this in your practice therefore you can translate those actions into words for your website copy. Clients come to you because they are hurting physically and/or emotionally, and they need to know if you could help them ease those pain. Let them know what problems you can solve to help them in their lives. Be present and make them feel you understand their struggles. And let them know that you are available to be part of the solution in improving their lives and achieving their desires.

4. Keep it simple.

Sometimes, people are used to using words and jargon that only they could understand. You are not there to impress them with your credentials and technical knowledge. Clients reach out to you because they are looking for the same warmth and compassion they want in a therapist. There is no need to impress, keep your copy simple that even a grade-schooler could understand.

5. Be uniquely you.

How can you stand out from a crowd of therapists so clients would notice you? Simple, just be you. Each of us has different likes, hobbies, or interests. Express it on your website copy. Sharing some of your cute dogs, toy collections, or artwork may magnetize clients that also like the same stuff. If you try to hide in the name of professionalism, clients will notice it and nobody benefits from it but yourself. Don’t force them to gain their trust. Being able to write an authentic website copy is as simple as being true to yourself.

6. Start writing. Period.

Nobody said that once you published your website, you can never change it again. Stop overthinking and start doing. Write and improve as you grow with your practice.


Do these 6 tips and see how these will change your relationship with your clients. And benefit your business too!


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