5 Pointers To Check If Your Website Is Working Against You

The goal of a website to any business is to bring more profit than to cause harm.

Whether your website’s goal is to build an online presence, to establish authority in your field, to build trust in your brand, to let your customers/clients know you exist, or to sell your products or services. Its ultimate goal is to help your business bring in more profit.


But what if it is not the case for you?


Here’s a list that you can use to check if your website is working against your business.


1. The website loading speed is too slow.

Have you ever visited a website that took more than 5 seconds to load? Personally, if a website I visited takes more than 2 seconds to load, I just hit the exit button. And statistically speaking, nearly 50% of website visitors expect that a website will load after 2 seconds. Else, they will exit and check other sites. Poor loading speed could hurt your business by losing potential customers that are not very patient.


2. Your website is not using secure HTTPS technology.

Security is a thing every user wants in the online space. If your website isn’t secure, it is almost a surefire way to throw visitors away. Nowadays, Google automatically blocks you if you visited a website that is not secure, so be sure to have this setup. Who would want to purchase from a website that could potentially harm them, right? Not only that, but your SEO ranking would be affected as well.


3. Your website contains outdated information.

At one point in your business journey, you may have changed your phone number, address, etc. And you forgot to update this critical information on your website. Another case would be launching a product years ago but you forgot to remove it on your website afterward. Worst might be you haven’t updated your pricing since you created your website, and you already increased prices multiple times. Having outdated information makes your website look bad creating the impression that you might be out of business or not on top of your game.


4. Your website integrations (e.g. contact form) are not working.

If you are using contact forms, scheduling calendars, or opt-in forms on your website, be sure to check them regularly. You might be thinking that you haven’t received any inquiries or bookings lately. But it’s just that your integrations are not working as they should be.


5. Your website is down.

Be sure to get your hosting service from providers that allow your website to be up almost 100% of the time. And since a website is very important in bringing profit to every business, always do a routine check to verify that everything is working well. Nobody wants to lose customers because your website is not functioning.


Be sure to check these 5 pointers to ensure that your website is providing you the maximum benefit your business could get and not the other way around.


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